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Vintage watch sales, sourcing and repair 

10 Years Restoring, Selling and Buying Watches

Owner Chris Robbins has 10 plus years of experience helping customers finding, buying, selling and repairing vintage watches. Our partners are Swiss-certified watchmakers ready to service your timepieces. Our repair service is fast and competitive.

Buy Watches

RTP buys vintage watches so that you don't have to. Buy here or ask us to find the one you want. We buy watches  or watch parts from U.S. sellers who do not ship globally and ship them to international customers. Some country  exceptions may apply. 

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Repair and Restore

Servicing a vintage watch is critical to its performance and lifespan. Wearing a watch with a dirty or dry movement can cause damage. RTP services watches in a timely manner at a reasonable price.


Sell Watches

Why rely on foot traffic or passing interest when RTP can use its network to target watch collectors across the globe? Our fees are competitive.