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Vintage watch sales, sourcing and repair 

LED Watches

Bulova, Benrus, Gruen, Hamilton and even Omega all made LED (Light Emitting Diode) watches. These were the first digital watches to hit the market in the mid-1970s. Sears Roebuck made this particular gem, a Phasar 2000, in 1975. LEDs were the first watch made without moving mechanical parts. LEDs were energy hogs and were soon replaced by LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). However, they were the true precursor to today's Smart Watches. Bid on the Phasar 2000 here:

Affordable Vintage Watches

Looking for an Omega or Rolex, or perhaps something more obscure, such as this 1960s Croton Aquamatic? We obtain a range of vintage watches through our country-wide network and make them available to buyers who do not have the time or capacity to hunt for them. Interested in a specific watch? Let us know, and we will go to work for you.